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It happens each year for four days, the second week of September, when this friendly, normally placid Eastern Oregon town of 16,600 at the foot of the Blue Mountains hosts more than 50,000 visitors for one of the biggest rodeos and premiere Wild West celebrations in the United States.

Members of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation - the Umatilla, Cayuse, and Walla Walla Indians who live on a reservation eight miles east of Pendleton -host a grand tribal village that annually includes more than 100 teepees. Indians from around the Northwest travel to Pendleton where they gather in the village to visit with friends and relatives, take part in the Happy Canyon Pageant and dance in the arena during rodeo matinees. Cowboys, Indians and Artists

Every year artists, in various states of array, migrate to the Pendleton Roundup. . Some trips have been well thought out, some have not. Accommodations are hard to come by and I have known artists to sleep in their cars. Even considered it once myself.

These artists have come to Pendleton to work, although, I have to be honest here, work and play to an artist is synonymous.

The first time I went to the Roundup I had no idea when it was. I called the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce only to be told it was in progress now. They also said they could guarantee every accommodations was full for miles around. (That's when I considered my car) and no need to leave my telephone number.

Experience has taught me, if there is one thing I can count on, it's my intuition. My intuition told me not only was I going, everything was already in place for me. Although it had only been but a few minutes since I spoke with them, I felt I should call back. I made my call and the clerk said she just hung up from talking to a woman that had to cancel her reservations at the 'Wild Horse Resort' (on the Umatilla Reservation) and she hoped someone could make use of it. I made arrangements, tossed everything into my car, said a prayer on behalf of my car, and was off to a great adventure.

The two Indians in 'Pendleton Roundup' were participants in the dance competition. The dancers are both skilled and beautiful. No need to be an artist to enjoy this.

I will be in Pendleton again this year; once again I do not yet have reservations. I asked to make them with 'The Wild Horse Resort' as I said my goodbyes. They told me they are filled several years in advance and never have openings... we'll see!

Visit with me again late September will you and see what paintings were waiting for me at the Pendleton Roundup.


Movin On

Presented by
High Desert Trail Riders, Back Country Horsemen
Bureau of Land Management
Klamath Falls, Oregon

This is the largest show of its kind in Southern Oregon and features something for everyone who loves the outdoors: horsemen, mule packers, backpackers, fishermen, hunters and hikers. This is a high-energy show, a time of excitement and fun.

Patricia Kortt, Exhibit Booth Since I can remember I have been crazy about painting horses. Stop by my booth for a visit and see my original art, Giclee limited edition prints, note cards as well as open edition prints. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy.