Native American Indian Hand Crafted Hand Painted Moccasins

by Patricia Kortt

Beadings Son's Cradleboard

Beadings Son's Cradleboard

A few years ago a friend from the Siletz Indian Tribe here in Oregon taught me how to make hand crafted moccasins. Made with a side seam, she told me this style goes back as far as her tribe can remember.

I have another Native American friend ( in the painting to the right ) who beads beautifully. I was bemoaning my plight to her that I simply cannot bead. Her response was "then paint".

She explained that long before trade beads found their way to the tribes, they painted on leather, buffalo, deer hide, clothing, tepees, horses, as well as par fleche bags.

Well, I felt better because painting I can do.

My moccasins are made of beautiful soft tanned leather and are painted with a variety of design that often reflects early Indian themes. They may be ordered as footwear, or simply as added décor to your home.

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