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Artist - Oils, Pastels, Watercolors, and Charcoals

Patricia Kortt - Artist Specializing in Native American Indian Art I was born in the Midwest, Indiana to be exact. I have painted since I can remember and was fortunate enough to have parents who recognized my abilities early and never failed to cultivate that talent. Although I have had my share of wonderful instructors as well as workshops, I am mainly self-taught. I consider art to be a lifetime of learning as well as unending adventure.

Over the years I have developed a love and respect for the Indian culture, spirituality and history, as well as the beauty and natural color of the Native American regalia. My most frequently asked question is 'are you Indian?' The answer is no, I am not. I like to think the question is so often asked because of the creditability of the work. Many Native American's have carefully inspected the paintings with approval.

Striving for authenticity and accuracy, each painting process begins with a photo shoot. I always look forward to these sessions and the traditional stories, generosity and humor that accompany them. I start my work taking approximately eighty pictures of the model, composing in the viewfinder as I go. The translation from model to canvas is simply there. I look at it and see a painting. At some point I determine to use canvas, paper and the choice of media. Some paintings cry out for pastel, others will tolerate nothing less than oil. Stay alert and the painting will lead you.

My original art and fine art prints have been acquired by both 'buyers' and 'collectors' from coast to coast. My paintings have been sold at the 'C.M Russell Auction of Original Western Art', the 'National Western Art Show & Auction', and the 'Mountain Oyster Club Western Art Show', to name a few. I have been invited on several occasions to participate in the 'Quick Draw' event. And 'The National Western Art Show & Auction' used the painting 'Love Story' for their national advertising promotional campaign. I have conducted workshops and classes for both adults and children and have taught the 'Gifted and Talented Program' Portland OR, for artistically gifted children.

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