Painting Workshops

from Patricia Kortt

Pastels and More

Pastels and More

In this workshop, I will show you how pastels can be built to beautiful rich colors, soft blends, or use them as a wonderful drawing technique. They are very versatile. You will learn composition, shapes, values, negative space, pastel techniques as well as watercolor, and much more. I believe in strong drawing skills and will emphasize such throughout the workshop.

Method: We will apply pastel to a watercolor or oil wash under-painting.

Reference Material: For this workshop you may bring your own reference photographs to work from. You should have several enlarged photographs of your subject.

A word about Reference Material: Reference material whether it is a photograph or a model, is good only to a point and can take you just so far. This workshop helps to develop your sense of art beyond this point.

New or experienced students are welcome as I teach on an individual basis, one to one. And you learn from other students work as well as your own.

Figure Painting

Figure Paintings

You cannot imagine how much fun it is to paint from the costumed model. It is an adventure with never a dull moment in the classroom. Bring your paints and your best joke.

We will study composition, light, value, design, form and color. Learn how to sight the human figure for proper proportions. You will see how to edit and to read your paintings.

Improve your technical skills in the use of your chosen medium.

New and experience students are welcome. Since my teaching is both individual, as well as class instruction, you will learn exactly what fits you.

Medium: Your choice with the exception of oils.

Model fees: This will be determined by class size. You will receive this information well in advance of the class.

Supply list sent upon enrollment.